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Video Productions for Corporate Image, Sales & Marketing and Training
These videos were produced as a matched set for MacSystems Development Corp., a software marketing company located in Ventura CA -- they were one of the first Macintosh Database developers.

Production Note: These videos were made in 1988 prior to the availability of PC hardware that allowed capturing computer screens straight to video -- therefore all "screen shots" had to be made with a video camera shooting the images directly off of the computer monitor, which rendered them with less clarity than the digital-direct technology we use today.

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Web Site Design, Production & Hosting Clients include...
Californians For Clean And
Safe Nuclear Energy

Dedicated to insuring that our
lives and environment matter!
Sentimental Journeys
Relive the "good old days" on
two of America's most famous
historic highways...

Technology Resources
Consulting & Management Servvices for the Nuclear Industry...