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We've been teaching
people about Natural Health and Healing, and many other other Alternatives, since 1977... below are just a few of our publications.

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Spiritual & Physical Health
Food For Thought...
The Real Easy Guide to Contact Healing
Good Health is your Divine Birthright -- learn how to use the electro-magnetic circuits in your body to redirect the body's natural energy in a constructive and healing manner.
Eco Spirituality
An uneasy alliance between Environmentalists and Spiritualists is adding new meaning to our responsibility for Nature.
Herbal Rx - Nature's Medicine Chest
A guide to the most common medicinal herbs and their uses.
Salvation Comes - South Bronx Style
We can learn a lot from those who go beyond "what is expected"...
Prayer & Spiritual Healing
This New York Times report shows that Science is looking and even our Government wants to know!
9/11 & American Democracy
A Commentary by Bill Moyers
Doug McGruter's Blog
Notes from Doug's Micellaneous Mind...