Business & Information Management Applications for The Web & OSX
Since 1984, Icon7 has created a wide variety of custom applications in
the Business, Scientific, Publishing and Financial Management markets.

Our fully web-based applications are deployed using the Apache Tomcat (JSP) engine which runs on all major platforms, making your data available through any web browser with complete SSL security if desired. We work with you on an individual basis to insure development of a complete custom Information Management System that serves all of your needs.

Our OSX applications are created using the Helix RADE (Rapid Application Development Environment) Software Toolbox -- these applications are deployed in a proprietary mode using the Helix Client/Server model, and can also made available to Web Browsers for access on other platforms.  We have a library of pre-designed modules that can easily be configured to fit most business needs....

Our latest addition to our Software Development Portfolio is Wordpress -- once only known as a basis for creating Blogs, it has expanded its footprint exponentially! It now supports more than 6,000 plugins and several thousand pre-configured "themes" that allows us to create websites for you that range from e-commercee solutions to multi-media showcases -- all for much lower cost than conventional methods of web development. Once we meet with you, and can assess your needs, we will try to assess if Wordpress will fulfill your expectations for a web-based solution.

As most of our clients are in the Business, Financial and Medical fields, our software resides on Secure Servers that are not available to the public. If you are interested in learning more about us and the quality of our work, please take a look at our Software Portfolio and list of references.

Cross Platform Services for OSX, UNIX, Windows, Linux & Sun
Multiple DataBase Integration

Web DataBase Deployment

Today's world of Information Technology is a complex one...  Different DataBases in different locations, information that needs to be shared.

If this sounds like you, we can meet your needs with the most cost effective solution available today.

There are a wide variety of DataBase models and data formats being used in today's business, technical and educational markets. Until now, few software products have specialized in integrating these disparate systems into a coherant user interface.

Icon7 not only accomplishes this with amazing simplicity but can also update each connected database to synchronize the data for everyone. We will seamlessly transfer data -- in the background, and in real time -- between different systems on different platforms. The result is a comprehensive Data Management System that will take take your business into the future with an integratid multi-DataBase, multi-platform environment.

You have lots of data. You have lots of people who need to share that data --
The updated version,
not yesterday's news.

Icon7 offers the simplest and least expensive way to accomplish this task, while protecting, and taking advantage of, your current information assetts.

You can not only use the Web to share data but also enter new data and update your current DataBase in real time. This means that the Web can become an extention of your office, with all of the convenience, security and protection you have in your current system.

The Internet has provided the means to link organizations together and improve their exchange of information -- Icon7 can provide the solution that helps you take advantage of this to the fullest possible measure.

Our fully secure and encrypted data transfer and storage systems insure complete data security and integrity. Our systems are currently in use in the Hospital & Medical Records fields where complete data security & privacy are both required.

WebSite Design, Production & Hosting

Icon7 is a complete Internet Services company, specializing in providing
Information Management, Site Production and Hosting to clients in the
Business, Scientific, Financial & Medical markets on the World Wide Web.

We offer a comprehensive line of services including Web Site design, installation and maintenance, carefully coordinated with your corporate image. We provide state-of-the-art E–Commerce solutions, custom Web Database development, plus Multimedia Production and a variety of other Marketing and related Network Support Services, to make your presence in CyberSpace a fulfilling experience.

As a full service Internet Server and Information Provider, Icon7 excels in the high-speed delivery of your Web assets. Our OSX/Unix servers offer full high-speed bandwidth delivery with financial grade security, high frequency backup of data, 24x7 hot swap of equipment and on-site generators for uninterrupted power and service.

For more information, contact us at...
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